Maintaining a Keto Diet During the Holidays

The holidays are here and with the festivities comes a slew of get-togethers, fun, and food. To many, this is the time of year that diets go out the window and enjoyment of all holiday favorites is embraced. Although to some this is an easy break from mundane dieting, to others this is a time when holding true to one’s diet is difficult. Today we will delve into the topic of maintaining a Ketogenic diet during the holidays.

What is a ketogenic diet? According to, the main purpose of this diet is to turn your body into a fat-burning machine by maintaining a low-carb diet. A ketogenic diet pursues the use of Ketones, a smaller fuel molecule that the body produces, as an alternative fuel for the body when glucose is in short supply. Glucose is what many people know as carbs. Ketones are produced when you consume little carbs and consume a moderate supply of protein.

The difficult part of maintaining a ketogenic diet is the high amounts of carb-filled food present during the holidays.  Although not easy, it is possible to maintain a keto diet through the holidays. explains that it is good to always have knowledge at your disposal. It is not a bad thing to be bold about trying new things that you know are alright with your diet. If you know the food you will consume matches your nutrient calculations, and it helps keep you on track towards your goals that is fine. An option for staying true to nutrient calculations is by downloading a nutrition tracker, like MyFitnessPal. These trackers help by providing an array of information for different food categories that may appear at a family function. Keeping up with your set goals is important not only during your normal day to day life, but it should also be important throughout the holidays.

Holding true to a diet is important but being gracious with those around you is also essential. If someone has worked hard to make a delicious meal, maybe it would be a good idea to try the food before saying no because of your diet. Maintaining a Keto diet is great but it is also important to keep someone you care about happy.  Sometimes cheating is not a bad thing, explains Victor Macias at, you make the rules if eating that carb filled bite would make you and your mom happy, enjoy every bite. At the end of the day, keeping yourself accountable is important but knowing you can always go back to your diet after the bite is even better, and could be less stressing.

Another easy way to continue a ketogenic diet over the holidays is finding new, delicious substitutes for normal holidays favorites. Depending on what traditions are held in your home, finding an alternative can help curve the cravings felt during the holidays. ( offers some delicious keto-friendly recipes for anyone that wants to keep their diet while surrounded by their family and friends.

This is not the time of year when anyone wants to feel stressed or feel left out of family gatherings. Feel free to indulge, enjoy your food, and most of all have fun during the holidays. This time of year, although stressing, also brings many happy memories. Do not feel burdened to keep a strict diet if you know eating a spoonful of your mom’s homemade pumpkin pie will make her and your heart happy. This time of year does end and so will all the holiday temptations. Try new recipes, explore your options, but most of all have fun this holiday season.

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