Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Its Benefits

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is one of the many ways pro-athletes take time to contract their muscles in order to achieve noticeable results. Electrical Muscle Stimulation, E-stim, is a machine that through the use of electrodes, sends electrical currents deep into a muscle in order to provoke an involuntary contraction. E-stim can be used to treat many different problems and/or issues an individual may be experiencing.

It has been proven that individuals who suffer from migraines have experienced less intense, and less frequent episodes when utilizing Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Those who suffer with back pain due to spine, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, or sciatica have also been shown to be receptive to E-stim treatment. Carpal Tunnel is an all too common issue, along with varying degrees of shoulder and elbow pain, all of which respond quite well to E-stim. Other issues including Peripheral Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis and ITB Syndrome have also responded well to Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

Aside from all the varying issues that E-stim can aid with, there are a number of benefits it can provide health wise overall. Many experience increased local blood circulation, maintain or increase ROM, decrease edema, aid in nerve regeneration due to neuropathy or injury, as well as improve sensation where numbness may be present. Those who often suffer with muscle spasms find relaxation and less pain. E-stim can aid in muscle recovery after a hard workout at the gym or in the field.

Utilizing E-stim can optimize increased strength and conditioning, as it aids in creating new blood vessels in targeted regions, which increases muscle strength and conditioning. By using E-stim one hour each day, five days a week, the muscle creates blood vessels in whatever target area you choose. Depending on what you need your muscles to do, Electrical Muscle Stimulation can help recruit specific types of muscle fibers by Muscle Fiber Optimization.

One of the few side effects that we at Strategic Health and Wellness have noticed in some patients is minimal skin irritation or sensitivity from the electrode pads. If you experience any type of sensitivity, or have in the past, we encourage you to let one of our staff members know prior to treatment.

If you are considering purchasing an E-stim device, please give us a call for treatment and insurance options. Proper protocol is key in determining what your body needs, and will naturally enhance performance.



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