Help, My Hair!

Noticing bad hair or hair fall?

Well, you are not alone. There are over 56 million American men and women who are experiencing hair loss. Not to mention many more who are suffering from a plethora of other hair problems.

Once you have tried all the hair care products in the market, you’ll soon realize that no amount of chemical shampoos and conditioners can get the job done. The reason is pretty simple – every hair problem is unique and so is every person’s genetic makeup. Off the shelf haircare products are absolutely incapable of addressing the root cause of your hair problems. So, let’s take a quick look at these root causes of some of the common hair problems among both men and women.

1. Dandruff

We have all had it at some point in our lives. The scaly flakes that cling to your hair roots and scalp, is nothing but overgrown skin cells. This overgrowth can be triggered by a variety of factors, including sluggish metabolism, poor diet, genetic factors, infection, skin disease, and so on.

Once you know which of these factors is contributing to your dandruff problem, it can be easily addressed. For instance, if it’s an infection, a few days of treatment will rid you of all dandruff. Likewise, if a poor diet is the culprit, then you adjust your nutrient intake.

2. Hair Fall

Age, regular exposure to sun, medication, stress, hormonal changes, genetic factors (yes, again), purity of water used for washing hair, and many other factors can cause hair loss in you. Something as innocuous as working in a hot and humid environment can cause hair loss. Because of the vast number of potential factors involved in causing hair loss, most people try a couple of hair fall remedies, witness no results, and come to accept hair loss as just another fact of life.

Well, you can’t blame them. Expert care is not easy to find. A few people manage to get themselves tested and discover the root cause of their hair loss. That’s the first milestone. The next is proper treatment for their unique requirement and voila! The magic happens – the hair does grow back.

3. Dry and Brittle Hair

There is a grave misconception among the people with dry and brittle hair that it is just another hair type. The truth is that dry and brittle hair is a common hair problem affecting both men and women. The culprit? Lack of moisture and natural oil. Without them to keep your hair well-protected against the elements, it becomes dry, which eventually leads to other problems like split ends, frizzy hair, hair breaking, hair thinning, and so on.

There are many ways to moisturize and supply the necessary oil to your hair, including deep conditioners and use of extra virgin olive oil on the hair, among others.

4. Greying of Hair

You won’t believe how many people have grey hair these days and do everything they can to hide it. Some people are proud of it; they feel that grey hair is distinguishing. But, most people just take it as an indication of aging and prefer to hide it. There are many known causes for greying. Typically, hair gets its color from melanin which is produced by cells in the hair follicles. When these cells die due to aging, nutrient deficiency, diseases, hormonal imbalances, and so on, the hair grows without its natural color.

There are many other causes of grey hair, including thyroid hormone imbalance, use of highly potent hair dyes, profuse use of hair dryers, chemotherapy, and so on.

As you can see in all of these cases, identifying the root cause of your hair problem is the hard part. Treating it is a piece of cake. When the dermatologists know what is wrong, they can advise the necessary action or medication to address the cause and give you a thick mane of hair in no time at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself tested to identify the cause of your hair problem with Strategic Health & Wellness. It’s the first step in your journey towards a head full of luscious and healthy hair.

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