We're Here For YOU!


You have a unique genetic makeup, body, health habits, etc. so why would general treatments work for you?

(Spoiler alert: They don’t!)

Our treatments are tailored specifically to work for your genetics, body, health habits, and biology.

Many women feel that they should just have to live with the emotional and physical pain caused by diseases and issues that result from becoming older or having a child. Many become frustrated with the time and money they spend on visiting doctors, only to see no significant changes in how they feel.

Eventually, they grow tired of not finding solutions to their problems and they just give up.

Regardless of your age, you shouldn’t have to live with chronic diseases, excess weight, or hormonal imbalances that cause you pain & suffering.

We use a comprehensive approach for weight loss and offer a combination of solutions, including:

  • Medically supervised weight loss program
  • Pre-op and Post-op Surgical support
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Meal planning
  • Coaching

We offer several medically supervised weight loss programs using various injectable GLP1 A medications (compounded or prescription) that are tailored to your weight loss needs and budget. Click here to learn more. 

Helps you avoid preventable diseases and/or conditions that can harm you in the long term, including:

  • In-house vitamin, mineral, and hormonal screening “just because labs are in the normal range- doesn’t mean they are normal”
  • Metabolic testing
  • VO2 stress testing
  • Body composition analysis

How do we treat thyroid health differently than traditional medicine?  We look at them through the eyes of a weight loss specialist.

  • We order a full thyroid lab panel.  We never do a thyroid screen- it doesn’t provide a full picture of what is going on.
  • We use the lab results along with patient symptoms to decide a treatment plan.  We do not treat solely on lab results but also how the patient feels.
  • We always try to balance all of the thyroid hormones.  We closely monitor the treatment plan with labs and make adjustments as needed.

Services that will help you recover your energy, get better sleep, lower mood swings, and potentially lower your weight, including:

  • Hormone therapy for Men and Women
  • Premenopausal and postmenopausal
  • Prenatal and postnatal


We pride ourselves on using non-traditional medicine and adapting our treatments to our patient’s bodies/needs.

How we differ from our competitors:

Western doctors use an acute system to deal with chronic diseases, injuries, excessive weight, etc. using one-size-fits-all solutions like medication & surgeries to treat the symptoms of the problems.

We use functional medicine (nutrition, diet, and exercise) to develop treatments that ‘fix’ the root cause of your problems/diseases (overweight, hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, etc.).

We don’t believe in doing what everyone does, that’s why we look for ways to help our patients, affordably, efficiently, and effectively.

  • We utilize a compounded once-weekly injection, that helps patients lose up to 5 pounds of weight per week.
  • We combine weight loss with hormone replacement to roll back the clock on aging.


Looking, living, and feeling better means not having to deal with chronic diseases, constant pain, and excess weight. It means having the peace of mind to live your life without having to stress over what’s happening to your body.

Improve Your Health, Improve your Life.

The systems in your body are interconnected with one another. That means that if something is wrong in one system, it can negatively impact other systems. However, it can also work in your favor, as improving one system can lead to improvement in others.

The benefits from our treatments are plentiful and will improve your life in more than one way.

Weight Loss: Losing weight not only makes you look better, but it also means a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Additionally, it means less pain and stress on your joints and bones.

Hormonal Balancing: Can help offset/eliminate previous issues due to hormonal imbalance including low libido, headaches, fertility problems, poor sleep quality, and painful/heavy periods.


Feeling like you again is possible.   Contact us today!